Best Time To See Turtles In Akumal Beach Mexico

Best Time To See Turtles Akumal – Snorkeling with the Turtles in Akumal could be a precious activity during this very little geographical area Maya city. For as long as we are able to bear in mind, and that we are living in Akumal for over twenty years currently, skin-dive with the turtles is distinct to Akumal. certain you’ll be able to snorkel off the shore in Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, however, there’s no guarantee that you just can see a turtle.

Akumal’s bounds are ideal for turtle sightings and other people return specifically to Akumal to ascertain the turtles. within the past few years, this activity has become very fashionable. In past decades folks staying in Akumal would snorkel in tiny teams to ascertain the turtles day in and day trip. Some guests came to from alternative cities and villages to additionally participate during this fun journey. however, word has unfolded worldwide and therefore the shores of Akumal square measure busy with snorkelers all day long, every day, all year spherical.

How to get to Akumal

Akumal is located 38 kilometers (23 miles) south of the hotel zones in Playa del Carmen and 104 kilometers (65 miles) south of Cancun. Akumal is about half-way between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. There are many ways to reach Akumal, but there are really only 3 good ways. It’s rental a car, a collective (the shared local mini-vans with others), or a private tour. And you have to know Best Time To See Turtles Akumal.

Best Time To See Turtles In Akumal Beach Mexico

Akumal Beach Mexico on map

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The quantity of individuals has become a problem not just for the city however additionally for the turtles. Once any town becomes weak by guests, whether or not it’s Akumal, Venezia or Paris, the locals that live there usually live elsewhere. within the case of Akumal, the native residents square measure the turtles. If the city continues to let such a lot of folks snorkel with the turtles they’re going to leave. they’re going to get bored to death with the crowds within the water, they’re going to realize it troublesome to measure in such conditions. they’re going to be challenged to eat, to sleep, to be, to live. once this happens, they’re going to leave.

Best Time To See Turtles Akumal

Snorkeling with Turtles at Akumal Mexico

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The New Rules for skin-diving with the Turtles area unit as follows:

  1. Guides can take six guests solely at a time to snorkel with the turtles. this is often constant rule used on Rhincodon typus snorkel tours. These limits let the guide be up to the speed of the tour. tiny teams permit the guide to teach folks a way to best snorkel within the water, allows the guide to watch guests and confirm nobody touches the turtles, provides a service that’s safe just in case a snorkeler has challenges within the water and limits the number of individuals within the water at only once.
  2. There is unit currently selected areas to ascertain the turtles. Buoys and ropes are places to limit the areas folks will snorkel. This provides the turtles with an additional free house to measure, eat, and be, a crucial a part of their quality of life and existence. you may still see turtles during this space. however, the turtles can have some house of their own far from guests after they wish to be by themselves.

Where To Find The Akumal Sea Turtles

Before you get information about Best Time To See Turtles Akumal beach, you have to know where you can find the Akumal sea turtles. If you’re taking the colectivo from Playa to Akumal, you’ll be born off beneath a white bridge with a pedestrian span. merely walk up the steps and cross the bridge that takes you over the route. Once you arrive on the opposite facet of the road, merely walk straight down the road towards the beach a couple of linear units more or less and you’ll attain Akumal Bay.

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When Is The Best Time To See The Turtles Akumal

The best time to see the turtles in Akumal beach Mexico is from May to November. It is the nesting season for the sea turtles in Akumal, Mexico, and when you are most likely to see them near the beach.