Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas

Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas – As a number of the foremost powerful phenomenons that occur within nature, hurricanes and tropical storms should be heeded with caution. If you’re planning on taking a vacation in Mexico, though, don’t let hurricane season scare you faraway from an escape to paradise! Los Cabos is one of the foremost sought-after destinations within the entire country, thanks in large part to its warm, sunny climate, and is fortunate to rarely be suffering from hurricanes.

Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas


When is Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas?

Although it officially spans between the months of June and November, Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas is most active from August through October. If it appears as if any hurricane activity is going to be approaching the region during your vacation, make certain to suits what local officials are asking of, which could include evacuating to areas with higher elevations. As you propose your getaway in Los Cabos during hurricane season, you’ll want to think about purchasing trip insurance in order that you’re protected should your travel plans be interrupted by storms within the region. Hurricane season does see some rain, but mostly within the sort of passing showers in order that you’ll continue having a blast instead of waiting out a rainstorm.

Why take a vacation to Cabo during hurricane season?

Los Cabos offers a stunning natural setting including miles of stunning beaches, making it one of the foremost sought-after destinations within the country. this suggests that in peak travel times, there are typically tons of tourists in town. one among the perks of traveling during hurricane season is that occupancy rates at hotels are less than the peak season, allowing a mellow getaway where you’ll enjoy the blissfully calm atmosphere. Another advantage of booking a vacation during hurricane season is that there are often travel deals to require advantage of, from discounts to room upgrades.

Keeping Save visit Cabo San Lucas on Hurricane Season

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Best Times to go to Cabo San Lucas

The best time to go to Cabo is from May to June when the wintertime crowds have gone home and therefore the summertime storms have yet to hit. October and November also are nice months for a vacation, but you will need to start your hotel search early if you would like to save lots of money. It might be that your motivation for visiting isn’t the beach: If you’re into whale watching, decide to visit between mid-December and mid-April. If you wish to fish, look to return within the late summer or fall. confine mind: Pacific hurricane season runs from mid-May to November. Though Cabo typically only experiences tropical storms during the hurricane season, the town has seen hurricanes make landfall within the region, most notably Hurricane Odile in 2014.

Keeping Safe

Today’s meteorologists have the power to predict and track storms more accurately because of the advanced technology now available to them. This greatly benefits locals and tourists alike, who have many warnings long before a storm could possibly affect the world. While Los Cabos has managed to remain safe from most hurricane activity, it’s still extremely important to follow all instructions from officials that are put into motion to make sure everyone’s safety. so as to stay residents and visitors faraway from harm, mandatory evacuations are sometimes ordered. As tropical storms and Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas move closer to land, they will be amid heavy bouts of rain and high winds, which may cause flooding. However, when the right precautions are taken in these situations, they become much less of a threat to safety.


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