Rental Cars At Cabo San Lucas Airport

Rental Cars At Cabo San Lucas Airport – Cabo San Lucas may be a Mexican destination that gives an ideal combination of great weather and spectacular scenery. Los Cabos is found on the tip of the 800-mile long Lower California Peninsula, with the Sea of Cortez on one shore and therefore the Pacific on the opposite.

Cabo and San José del Cabo have everything you would like for a soothing (or active) vacation experience surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty and top-notch attractions and activities.

With quick access from important North American airports, you will experience warm hospitality, excellent hotels, car rentals, and other facilities, all with a “get faraway from it all” feeling. Los Cabos is safe, fun, unique and therefore the only thing missing is you!


Where We Can Get Rental Cars At Cabo San Lucas Airport

From the moment you get to Cabo San Lucas, you will have your eye on new adventures and an exciting agenda able to go. And you are not the sole one: Last year, vacations to Cabo San Lucas were popular. In fact, Cabo San Lucas is so fantastic that many people call it home. Sure, you’ll always get into the taxi queue after you deplane and grab your luggage. And you would possibly want to use public transportation to explore after you check your hotel. Plus, sometimes getting around the city center is best done on foot. But renting a car gives you more independence during your vacation. because of a rental car, you’ll sightsee in Cabo San Lucas on your own schedule. Wave farewell to memorizing the bus schedule and howdy to vacation on your own terms.

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Tips for renting a car in Cabo San Lucas

A rental car is far and away the simplest choice to explore not only Cabo San Lucas but also its surrounding area, with its secluded beaches and nearby towns that are well worth each day trip. the entire Tourist Corridor connecting San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas features a huge array of gorgeous beaches, so drive along the 20-mile stretch and make scenic stops as you please together with your rental car.

All the main hire car companies, including Avis and Alamo, are often found at San Jose Del Cabo International Airport (SJD), which is a few 40-minute drives from Cabo San Lucas. Most hire car desks are often found within the Arrivals Hall area after browsing baggage claim and customs, but some will have off-site offices, during which case they’ll provide a shuttle. You’ll need a world Driver’s Permit, also as Mexican automobile insurance for the length of your rental contract.

Navigating Cabo San Lucas is fairly easy, but remember most traffic signs are going to be in Spanish only. the town is extremely popular during respite and faculty vacations, which suggests the roads are going to be more crowded during those seasons. There also are several speed bumps across town. Most highways in Mexico are tolled, including the one that goes to the airport, so confirm you usually have Mexican pesos or American dollars in cash with you.

The next rental cars at Cabo San Lucas Airport tips are bumper-to-bumper traffic does happen sometimes within the Los Cabos area, especially during the summer and respite seasons. Traffic jams within the surrounding Cabo San Lucas roads also are common, so avoid driving into town during the morning hour (between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.) or out of town, particularly on weekends, after 5 p.m. If you’re heading to the airport during these times, plan your journey beforehand .

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