Renting Jeeps In Cozumel Mexico

Renting Jeeps In Cozumel – Cozumel Mexico may be a popular Island and gets an outsized amount of cruise liner traffic and quite the other cruise port within the Caribbean. The Cozumel Port gets many cruise liner passengers annually. The Port of Cozumel was rated #3 for the simplest cruise ports within the World. The Island was also rated together of the highest safest places within the World to measure or travel.

Chances are you are visiting Cozumel for each day or every week at the most. this is often an excellent guide for everybody, especially if your approaching a cruise, doing each day trip to Cozumel, or staying in Cozumel for every week or two at a resort, hotel or vacation rental like renting jeeps. It’s an excellent article for even the travelers visiting Cozumel for the day and staying in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun and planning on taking the ferry to Cozumel.

Vacation in Cozumel and odds are that you’ll head home utterly relaxed and with memories of spectacular scenery and friendly people. A 34-mile-long by 11-mile-wide island off of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Cozumel is sort of unlike its neighbor. It’s largely undeveloped, with expanses of jungle and untouched shoreline that are a rarity on the mainland. If you are on an adventure in Cozumel, you exactly need transportation. Maybe you need about renting a jeep in Cozumel. So we’ll inform you.


Where We Can Renting Jeeps In Cozumel

If this is often your first time renting a car in Mexico I’m sure you’ve got a couple of questions. we’ve rented cars around 20 times between Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel and that we put this guide together to assist the method more clear and straightforward for first-time renters in Cozumel.

With just a touch little bit of help, the rental process and driving in Cozumel goes to be tons easier than you thought – here’s the way to roll in the hay right!

Best Things To Do When Renting Jeeps In Cozumel

If you’re trying to find more of an adventure there are a couple of roads that run bent the further reaches of the island that might be fun to explore with a Jeep. those that are looking to travel a touch bit further and see some more remote beaches should consider a Jeep – but be respectful of the landscape and environment and don’t damage things for the longer term.

Visit El Mirador

El Mirador Located on the rocky shore of the Eastern coast of Cozumel is that the area referred to as El Mirador or viewpoint. From here you’ll have an elevated view of the beach and rocks below. This area also features a small cluster of bars to hold out and even have lunch for continuing your road trip around the island.


Diy Snorkeling Activities (Renting Jeeps In Cozumel )

One of the foremost popular things to try to to in Cozumel is to snorkel within the crystal clear waters and nice reefs around the island. most of the people do that as a tour, but with a car, you’ll make your own snorkel trip and stay in places as long as you would like and not stuck on a basic tour.

Punta Sur Ecological Park Tour

The next Best Things To Do When Renting Jeeps In Cozumel is to visit Punta Sur Ecological Parl. On the southeast end of the island is that the Punta Sur Ecological Park with Mayan Ruins, a lighthouse, and more stunning beaches. Also within the gates of the park are many opportunities to explore Cozumel’s natural beauty.

San Gervasio Riviera Maya

Continue your Mayan adventures with the ruins here on Cozumel. Drive over to the famous ruins found near the middle of the island.

Visit Mayan Cacao Company (Renting Jeeps In Cozumel )

On your way back to town stop in here for a daily pick me abreast of your road trip around Cozumel. Inside you’ll find traditional chocolate treats perfect to bring back as gifts or a snack for the road. If you’ve got time stick around and see how it’s the chocolate is formed .

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