Best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX

Restaurants In Mazatlan MXMazatlán may be a popular tourist destination for several holidaymakers, especially given its close proximity to the Lower California peninsula and therefore the number of cruise liners that dock there. Situated on the coastline of Sinaloa, a northern state, there is obviously an abundance of waterfront dining and drinking options during this city which is crying bent be visited.

Find below Best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX (Mexico)


Enjoy a shocking view over Mazatlán marina at this fantastic seafood find, with cannon fodder and cold beers. We recommend posing for the DOCK7 daily specials, but they even have such delights as freshly seared tuna and even fish and chips for the homesick Brit holidaying during this Sinaloan seaside town. The wait staff is attentive and therefore the atmosphere is basically amazing, to not mention that marina view when the sun sets and transforms the boats into shadowy silhouettes. Sit under the palapa and luxuriate in the cooling breeze as you admire the waterfront location and fresh seafood.

Restaurants In Mazatlan MX

El Presidio

The first best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX is El Presidio. Located during a phenomenal, historic, 1876 Mazatlán building within the heart of Centro Historico, El Presidio may be a spectacle restaurant with tremendous character and great food. I really like sitting at their righteous bar to grab a couple of drinks. The restaurant offers indoor/outdoor seating in an open-air setting.

Mariscos La Puntilla

For anyone just visiting Mazatlán thanks to a fast ferry stop, who still wants both excellent waterfront dining and fresh seafood, Mariscos La Puntilla is that the ideal place. Situated on the brink of the terminal, Mariscos features a brilliant atmosphere and a wealth of both locals and tourists dining together on some affordable and flavorsome seafood dishes. The range of shrimp options is superb, as is that the traditional Mazatlán specialty Pescado zarandeado.

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Pancho’s (Restaurants In Mazatlan MX)

Pancho’s is another one among those Mazatlán staples and permanently reasons. they provide consistently great Mexican food at a reasonable price. Plus, We really like sitting outside facing the ocean for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The next best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX is Cilantro’s. It’s located in Pueblo Bonito Hotel, Cilantro’s maybe a great waterfront dining option as long as it sits right at the water’s edge and provides absolutely beautiful views over the ocean. Sit within the outdoors, under the thatched palapa style roof to enjoy your meal, and check out to form a reservation for around an hour before sunset to urge the foremost out of your visit to the present great little spot. As for the food, it rivals the view.

Casa Loma

Located off the beaten track on a quiet road, Casa Loma may be a classic Mazatlán restaurant that stands the test of your time . My wife and that i always love their table-made Caesar and hearts of palm salads. The house special, pescado flamando, is muy delicioso.

Best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX

El Muchacho Alegre

El Muchacho Alegre is perfectly located during a prime spot on the beach in Mazatlán, and alongside the chilled-to-perfection beers, they also offer seafood dishes. For a buzzing and convivial atmosphere, this is often the spot to be, especially as long as they frequently host live banda music. You’ll leave feeling you actually got a taste of the normal Mazatlán vibe at this beachside bar, as despite simple appearances it’s pretty authentic and popular among locals too.

Casa 46 (Restaurants In Mazatlan MX)

The next best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX is Casa 46. Awesome location overlooking Plaza Machado and doubtless one among the foremost high-end, fine dining experiences in Mazatlán. you’ll sit inside the restaurant, which is elegant, but my recommendation would be to take a seat outside and absorb the views and energy from Plaza Machado. remember that there are two flights of steps to urge to the restaurant and no elevator.

La Concha

The oceanfront restaurant of El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel, La Concha features a prime spot overlooking the crashing waves and benefits from the nice and cozy tropical breezes, bound to cause you to desire you’re dining in paradise. also because of the restaurant, there’s also a poolside bar incorporated into this highly recommended location, meaning you’ll relax with a drink after dinner, or maybe just pop by for a nightcap before bed. The food offers something for everybody, as long as they need a world menu, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

El Cuchupetas (Restaurants In Mazatlan MX)

Located in Villa Union, this is often Sinaloan cuisine at its best! Dignitaries and even the president of Mexico are frequent guests. Major local scene. Lunch only. well worth the effort! The scallops are the most important, freshest, and tastiest I’ve ever eaten and therefore the Governor’s Tacos are to die for. Actually, everything is incredible.

El Parador Espanol

The next best Restaurants In Mazatlan MX is El Parador Espanol. Paella is one among my favorite dishes, and nobody does it better than Chef Julian Portugal. who learned the art of Spanish cuisine while living in Spain. Luckily for us, he brought his culinary skills and Spanish cuisine to Mazatlán. After over 20 years since its opening. El Parador continues to supply a good sort of Spanish and international fare, starting with salads, pasta, tapas, and beef cuts to a vast number of exquisite combinations of aromas, flavors, and textures.

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