Some Tips When Trips to Mexico

Trips to Mexico – Mexico City, which stands on the ruins of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, offers a unique blend of contemporary urban life and preserved history. A number of world-class museums, restaurants and parks stand side by side with relics from various cultures. Nightlife, shopping centers and its history make Mexico City a must-visit, whatever tourist options you want.

If you also wonder, when you plan trips to Mexico “Is Mexico safe?”, The answer is “generally yes”, especially in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. In Spanish, Mexico City which is also called Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX) or Distrito Federal (DF) is relatively safe for tourists. This is evidenced by the increasing number of foreign tourists to Mexico City each year.

Here some tips when you Trips to Mexico

Go On Right Time

The First tip when you trips to Mexico is go on Right time. Some cities in Mexico offer cheaper rates for weekend visits. For example, Mexico City or Puebla. At times, business travelers dominate working days, where rates will crawl up, you can choose to vacation on weekends at lower rates. 

Mexico City - tips Trips to Mexico

Mexico City

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At times, business travelers dominate working days, where rates will crawl up, you can choose to vacation on weekends at lower rates. Meanwhile, San Miguel de Allende, also offers cheaper weekend rates because locals will actually go out of town for an impromptu holiday.

For coastal cities, such as Cabo San Lucas, Punta Mita and Rivera Maya, choose to travel in May – October, where the temperature is comfortable and the price offer remains attractive.

Rent a beachfront cottage than a hotel

The second tip when you trips to Mexico is rent a beachfront cottage than a hotel. Renting a villa or cottage in an attractive location in front of the beach with a swimming pool is the best way if you want to vacation in Mexico with a large family or group. This will save huge costs. First, you can cook yourself with ingredients from a cheaper local market. Second, available rooms are 80% more efficient than renting hotel rooms. Contact a travel agent to make your trip easier.

Beach in Mexico - trips to Mexico

Order in advance and search for a new hotel

The third tip when you trips to Mexico is order in advance and search a new hotel. Some accommodations in Mexico offer a 30% discount on reservations in the previous 3 months or prepayment. Also, consider staying at a newly opened hotel because the promo price is up to 50% lower than the normal price.

Local Culinary in Mexico - trips to mexico

Local Culinary in Mexico

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Culinary at a local favorite place

The fourth tip when you trips to Mexico is try culinary at a local favorite place. Do not stick to the menu offered by upscale restaurants or luxury hotels. To save money, try to enjoy the culinary in a place that is not well known but equally delicious and liked by local residents. You can do a search on sites like TripAdvisor or other.

The information above is some tips that can help you when you trips to Mexico. Hopefully it can help your trip become more enjoyable.