Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas – The natural beauty and charisma of Los Cabos meets luxury accommodations and world-class amenities at this fine beachfront resort. Set right a pristine beach just five minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa offers the right blend of location, intimacy, relaxation, and recreational activities.

You’ll find many ways to enjoy yourself here, from the sparkling beachfront pools and whale slide to the European-style spa and fitness club. Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa is full service and more: there’s a full spa, fitness clubs, two restaurants, art galleries, and jewelry shops, a pharmacy, and a market. There’s such a lot to ascertain and do this you would possibly not even leave the resort!

Location of Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas

At the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in Cabo San Lucas — a beach metropolis on the stretch of shoreline collectively called Los Cabos (The Capes). This has long been a famous excursion spot for solar-worshipping birthday party seekers. Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas is positioned slightly far from the primary motion, which is incredible for families searching out big lodge surroundings with greater peace and quiet (seashore vendors nonetheless make their way here, however).

Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas

The resort is part of a big improvement with 3 accommodations by Villa corporations, and it may be reached by means of the Transpeninsular highway that connects San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas. Guests arrive at Los Cabos International Airport, approximately 35 minutes away, and both take a taxi or rent a vehicle to get to the property. For folks who select the latter, unfastened parking is included by using a gated entrance and protection defend. There are several golfing publications and tours like whale watching and diving nearby, as nicely. Taxi fares from the motel are quite excessive, but there are alternatives to take a nearby bus with a view to keep cash for regular trips into a metropolis. Loose transfers between Villa resorts take area in a real (and free) trolley.

Room of The Hotel

The resort opened in 1994, but it had been last renovated in 2013 and things still look somewhat fresh. There are 460 units in four categories: Junior Villa, One-, Two-,, and Three-Bedroom Suites. they need furnished balconies (many with ocean views), seating areas, sofa beds, and satellite TVs. Kitchens are equipped with breakfast bars, cooking supplies, cutlery, glasses, coffeemakers, toasters, and stovetops (though no ovens). There are modern furnishings and travertine tile bathrooms with tub/shower combos, but dated elements from 1994 are still present (such as fixtures, doors, and machine stucco on walls and ceilings). The decor is neutral and not especially memorable, but nice enough for this caliber.

Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas room

Families staying within the Three Bedroom Villa Suite are going to be rewarded with an excellent deal more lebensraum, large dining rooms, three bathrooms, washer/dryer units, and larger kitchens with ovens. Terraces are spacious in these units, too, with sun loungers and whirlpool tubs.

The hotel implements strict overnight fees for extra guests, also as late check-ins (4 p.m. during our visit) and early check-outs (11 a.m.). even be wary of overpriced minibar items, which may be bought downstairs at the grocery for less money. Laundry facilities are available near the grocery.

Features of Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas

There are two separate pool areas within the resort’s central expansive terrace, open during our visit from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Both are family-friendly: one area features a shallow pool for toddlers, and therefore the other features a whale waterslide plunging into the lower level. Sun loungers are available in both areas and are lined up facing the ocean. easy chair reservations are prohibited, and therefore the resort claims to get rid of items left over an hour, but that doesn’t stop guests from staking their spots before breakfast. Umbrellas, which can even be used for outdoor restaurants, are even harder to urge. Towel cards are provided at check-in and guests must devour and drop off towels at the pool every day.

Two tennis courts and a spacious fitness center with big windows are a highlight. There are many cardio machines and weights, and nice locker and shower facilities. Attached to the present area is the hospitality center where guests can relax in near spa-like surroundings before their flight. For actual spa treatments, guests at Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas are free (and frequently encouraged) to form appointments at sister property Villa Del Arco’s luxurious Desert Spa.

The lobby features a tour desk for water and land excursions and an entertainment office for on-site reservations. Parking at the hotel is free, but Wi-Fi requires an annoying daily fee, per device. Laundry facilities also are available.

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Beach View Around Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas

The beach is, for the foremost part, a serious highlight of the resort. it’s a good open space with clean white sand resulting in a deep blue ocean. Beach walks or jogs are a well-liked pastime and offer direct views of the famous El Arco rock formation, mountains, and cruise ships. there’s a roped-off area within the water near the resort that creates it safe for swimming.

Villa Del Palmer Cabo San Lucas beach

The water gets deep quickly, so it’s not the simplest for toddlers, but adults and powerful swimmers can enjoy the cool water — a rare treat for the world as water conditions at other resorts in Los Cabos are too dangerous for swimming. The resort’s lounge chairs are sectioned faraway from the general public (in particular, vendors) but this doesn’t stop salesmen from trying to urge the eye of guests. it is best to bring headphones, a hat, and a book to avoid harassment. Sometimes, by unfortunate luck of the draw, the ocean levels rise all the thanks to the sting of the terrace, and therefore the beach is removed (this can happen during storms and high tides).

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