What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico

What To Do In Playa del Carmen – Playa del Carmen, set on the geographical Riviera Maya in the North American country – Mexico, could be a city notable for excellent nightlife and delightful beaches, however additionally one overrun with tourists. Unless you return here solely hoping to pay all day sunbathing and every one night partying, you’ll run out of concepts for fun activities quick. browse our guide to the highest 10 things to try and do in and around Playa and build the foremost of this spectacular a part of the globe.

Playa del Carmen may be a common tourer destination on the terrible tip of the peninsula, Mexico. additionally to white sand beaches connected the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen conjointly sits in shut proximity to the variety of different attention-grabbing ecological and cultural sites, that boost its charm as a resort area. Here are the simplest things to try and do in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

So you’re a forthcoming vacation and you would like to grasp what best things to do in Playa Del Carmen. actually, there are things that are “a don’t miss“. it’s sensible if you browse this before you return on vacation to the geographical region Maya as a result of you only would possibly kick yourself for not knowing concerning it. a number of these are a small amount generic, however, we’ve got careful info concerning all which will assist you. See if you wish any of those things to try to here. If you’ve got the other suggestions, allow us to grasp within the comments below.

Best What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico


Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico

The first What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico is Cozumel. It is a small island off the coast of Playa del Carmen notable for beautiful beaches and skin-dives.

Why go to Cozumel? Take the 45-minute ferry from Playa del Carmen for a straightforward, fun pleasure trip. Cozumel has nice beaches with skin-dive choices (Palancar Beach and Paradise Beach square measure each good options). If you’ve had enough of the ocean and also the sand, rent a scooter to explore the island, visit see the ruins at San Gervasio or visit the Punta port Eco Beach Park to ascertain life in its native surroundings.

La Cueva del Chango

The next What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico is La Cueva del Chango. It is a quaint Mexican eating place with out of doors seating and a jungle vibration that produces it desire you’re eating within the forest.

Why go? Dine at La Cueva del Chango for delicious and recent juices, Mexican cookery and an outsized choice of Mexican wines. The atmosphere at La Cueva del Chango is additionally distinctive, with a wooden-table, tree-house variety of vibration. this can be one amongst a lot of widespread restaurants in Playa del Carmen and that they serve the standard vary of huevos and also the like for breakfast, and salads, tacos, grills and a lot of for lunch and dinner.

Mamitas Beach Club

Mamitas Beach Club - What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico

Mamitas Beach Club – Playa del Carmen Mexico

It is a stylish public beach club wherever you’ll rent lounge chairs, umbrellas, jet skis, go gliding, or take a sailing vessel ride.

Why go to Mamitas Beach Club? opt for the clean beach, the atmosphere and therefore the welcome. Mamitas Beach Club offers beachgoers free wireless fidelity, showers and a full menu. DJs play oft. You procure your chair and umbrella here, however square measure then given a credit towards your food and drink order.


The next What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico is visit Alux. It’s atmospherical, colorfully lit eating place within a ten,000-year-old cave.

Why go? Aluxes area unit Mexican spirits UN agency area unit believed to safeguard the country’s natural places, and this upmarket cavern eating place may be a treasure so. Dress up, drink some exotic Mayan cocktails and dine on the international and Mayan-inspired menu specializing in food.

El Fogon

El Fogon - What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico

El Fogon – Playa del Carmen Mexico

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It’s the secret’s out what was once an area taxi driver’s stamping ground serving delicious tacos is currently a well-liked spot for travelers too.

Why go to El Fogon? El Fogon is legendary in the city for tacos al pastor (slow roast pork) and big margaritas – we have a tendency to powerfully recommend you are trying each. There square measure currently 3 locations, however, Avenida thirty and Calle thirty-two is that the original and therefore the furthest from the popular spots.

El Oasis Mariscos

The next What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico is visit El Oasis Mariscos, a food eating house close to La Quinta Avenida (Playa del Carmen’s main searching and nightlife street) serving a number of the freshest ceviche in the city.

Why go to El Oasis Mariscos? If you’re desire ceviche and need to undertake a number of Playa’s freshest food, head to El Oasis Mariscos. The menu is Mexican-Peruvian and it’s been going robust for years. The food dish is additionally top-notch.

Río Secreto

Río Secreto - What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico

Río Secreto – Playa del Carmen Mexico

In Rio Secreto, a series of caves and underground rivers that showcase a number of Quintana Roo’s best natural bounty, altogether of its glory.

Why go to Rio Secreto? city Secreto may be a cave system with turquoise water and stalagmites and stalactites which will build your jaw drop. Recently discovered (less than ten years ago) the majestic underground stream is that the longest semi-sunken collapse the Yucatan. You’ll be swimming and skin diving through some tight areas, feeling like you’ve stumbled upon a secret (it is termed city Secreto when all).

SOS el Arca

The next What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico is SOS el Arca. It’s a volunteer at SOS el Arca, an animal shelter that focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for street and pound dogs.

Why go? This active, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter depends on volunteers to assist with things like walking and laundry its loveable four-legged residents, and cleanup and maintaining the shelter.

Yoga By The Sea

Yoga By The Sea - What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico

Yoga By The Sea In Playa del Carmen Mexico

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It’s a yoga studio providing morning yoga sessions dominating the ocean.

If your good vacation includes morning yoga dominating the ocean, followed by a swim within the ocean and a recent fruit breakfast, then check in for a yoga category at Yoga By the ocean. categories vary from hatha to vinyasa, yin, restorative and beginners’. There’s additionally yoga teacher-training for those hoping to remain a short while.

Little Mexican Cooking School

The next What To Do In Playa del Carmen Mexico is visit Little Mexican Cooking School. Little Mexican preparation college teaches authentic native preparation, simply 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour away in Puerto Morelos.

Why go? Learn to create seven or eight completely different Mexican dishes like dip, tortillas, coconut dessert, and ceviche, reckoning on what’s contemporary that day – then feast on your creations in Associate in Nursing epic late, long lunch. Reservations square measure most popular however they additionally settle for drop-ins, if house permits. And if you don’t want traveling way once, you and your food baby will book into the on-the-spot accommodation at hacienda-style mansion Casa pirana.