Desert Adventure San Pedro de Atacama

Desert Adventure San Pedro de Atacama – While in the Atacama Desert in South America, walk along the Puritama River. You can go to the seven hot spring pools here. Your guide on a challenging hill climb along the cliff floor will help you climb to the top.

You’ll tread boulders strewn along the sandy path, huge “foxtails” and 12-foot-tall cacti with needles so sharp that local Indian women used to use them for sewing and knitting. We

Whenever you get hot in the Atacama, the coolness of the river will still be felt. At those points, you’ll need to weed the large greenery apart to find trail tracks that are truly an oasis in the desert.

Although the Atacama region is less than two hours by air from Santiago, Chile, it is one of the most visited in the country where few Americans find it.

Activities in the Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert in Chile

Apart from the spectacular desert landscape, you have the opportunity to hike to an ancient village, sample llama kebobs (you’ll see them everywhere here), head to the top of a volcano (18,000 feet high), or to the field of the tallest geyser. in the world is El Tatio (14,190 feet high) to see Chilean flamingos at sunset over the Atacama Salt Lake. Ninety percent of the days here are like this. Blue sky and no clouds.

The Atacama hasn’t entered the U.S. market much. In Atacama, there is an inn called Tierra Atacama which provides 32 rooms for guests. This hotel is located in San Pedro, a quiet town of 4,000 people. Residents here are getting a new life as a tourist destination while maintaining its charm.

You can walk on ancient sands, walkways for pedestrians, taste food in open-air restaurants and bars made from old storefronts. You’ll also love the local favorite Cafe Adobe with its round fireplace in the center of the restaurant.

Chile as a country with a history of seismic activity

San Pedro and TierraAtacama are 1,000 miles north of Santiago and were not affected by the quake. Chile is a country with a history of seismic activity. The country’s preparedness, including strict anti-seismic building codes, rapid emergency response from the government, and assistance from a number of organizations, can be counted on to manage the situation and minimize damage, officials said.

Chileans are tenacious people and they are working hard to get the country back quickly. So they can look forward to continuing to welcome travelers, and do their best to make them feel safe and secure.

While at this point, the State Department strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid tourism and non-essential travel to Chile, it’s important to remember that as you consider where to travel in the coming year, areas like the Northern Desert and Patagonia in the south need business and support. travelers in the months to come.

Hotel Tierra Atacama (Desert Adventure San Pedro de Atacama)

Hotel Tierra Atacama - Desert Adventure San Pedro de Atacama

As for Tierra Atacama, Chris Purcell said they went out of their way to serve families and would entertain children if they were too young to undertake some of the more strenuous treks such as the hike to the Toco volcano.

Indeed at dinner (with a menu of king crab salad followed by filet with mushroom risotto) some families with children will be seen laughing and joking. You’ve also seen it in hot tubs.

At the hotel, you can happily take refuge in desert-like casitas, which offer both outdoor and indoor showers. There is a spa and pool overlooking the desert and mountains with seating areas around an open fire pit which are ideal for enjoying and especially if welcomed on a chilly desert evening. (Massage service will greet you after all those sessions.

If you like tiny resorts like here, everything is priced at 900 USD for two nights. This includes your dining facilities, guide, transportation, and activities all of which are part of the deal. (Check the website for deals that include children and teens with up to 17 free deals and summer packages with Portillo Ski Resort, which is owned by the same business. American-owned Santiago Adventures can help you plan.)

Visitors to the Atacama Desert

It’s hard to think of a better place for an adventure with teens or grown children. Chile, however, is a stable and safe country that attracts many American students studying abroad, and the weather here is pleasant all year round.

Jim Harbell, who is originally from Toronto, spent an extra week here with his 21-year-old daughter Charlotte after the whole family returned home. “Very cool. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of places with all the comforts,” he said as he finished a first-class lunch that included goat cheese empanadas, grilled salmon, lentil salad, and a mousse made with local fruit cherimoya.

Here, you will find an atmosphere conducive to making new friends, regardless of your age. We meet a music producer and his Brazilian wife who are grandparents, a honeymoon couple from the Netherlands, a young woman traveling alone from London, some farmers from England, and, at the hot springs, a suburban New York couple. traveling with their two children who are in their twenties. The young bartender entertained us all with his magic tricks.

“We are tired of vacations at the beach,” says David Held, 24, who was traveling with his parents and sister. We met at the end of our hike. “What’s the point of traveling if you’re not going to see something?”

Hot springs in the Atacama Desert (Desert Adventure San Pedro de Atacama)

Hot spring in Atacama Desert

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Adventure-loving gangs will surely agree. The place where we were going to cross the river to the hot springs (our destination) was so high that we needed to climb higher and higher until we found a place where a small bridge had been built at a much narrower point.

The hot springs are spectacular pools, one after the other a beautiful sight after our three-hour trek, which required elevation gains from 8,000 to 9,000 feet. Just like the general welcome, there are snacks waiting for our guide. From wine to smoked salmon to cheese and olives. Much better than granola bars and water. That is for sure.

While we went to the hot springs, others left from the hotel it was only a 40-minute ride there. When we go to Laguna Sejas, where we can float in the crystal clear saltwater, we can choose to go by bike (about 10 miles) or a van.

Meanwhile, the Harbells try to cram as much as possible into their visit by climbing the sands of the huge dunes and stargazing with French astronomers. One thing is for sure. You will not be bored here. In fact, there is much to be done. You just have to choose.

The same goes for the famous Chili Pisco Sour. This cross between whiskey sour and margarita comes in a variety of fruit flavors, including mango and reiki (the plant you see while hiking). Watermelon or strawberry juice is also available.

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