Top 7 Places to Visit in Uruguay

Top Places to Visit in Uruguay – Though dwarfed by neighbors Argentina and Brazil, visitors to Uruguay will be surprised and impressed by all the extraordinary things that lie in South America’s second-smallest nation.

One of the safest countries on the American continent, Uruguay’s modern cities are enticing to explore as fun colonial-era hubs, throbbing tango clubs, and an array of enchanting historical and cultural landmarks. Beautiful beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean offer sun, sea, sand, and waves, as well as fun and friendly beach resorts, and there’s also a stunning nature reserve nestled on the adjoining side of a vast cattle ranch.

Well worth a visit, Uruguay is a laid backcountry and has a lot to offer, so don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting to come back as soon as you leave its beaches.


Tacuarembo Uruguay

The first Top Places to Visit in Uruguay is Tacurembo. Located in the north of Uruguay, Tacuarembo is a gaucho because it is filled with hills filled with cattle and vast fields. The culture, language, and food here are very different from the rest of Uruguay. With beautiful leafy plazas and tree-lined avenues for you to enjoy, wandering around the city is an enjoyable experience. The main sights on offer include the beautiful cathedral and some interesting museums, while the surrounding area has some great waterfalls and caves for you to visit.

Top Places to Visit in Uruguay : Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo - Top Places to Visit in Uruguay

A popular place to visit between Argentina and Uruguay for visitors who want to go to the beach and sunbathe. With beautiful beaches and a laid-back lifestyle, this is the perfect place to just relax and watch the world go by. As you can imagine, there is also some delicious seafood for diners to enjoy. With so many outdoor activities on offer, you can ride a horse over the dunes, learn to surf the next minute and try dune boarding later. Not far from Punta del Diablo are some fantastic nature reserves like Santa Teresa and Cerro Verde, which are also worth visiting.

Santa Teresa National Park

Santa Teresa National Park

The nextt Top Places to Visit in Uruguay is Santa Teresa National Park. Bordering serene Punta del Diablo is Santa Teresa National Park, which nature lovers love because it encompasses a wide variety of landscapes, ecosystems, fauna, and flora. Much of the park is made up of beautiful woodlands and waterfront areas, and there are many great hiking trails that cut through the dunes and forests where visitors can catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife that lives within the national park. Actually, this is where the big battle took place when Uruguay tried to win its independence. One of the main historical sites here is Fort Santa Teresa which dates back to 1762 and sits between the wetlands in the park and the Atlantic Ocean. Definitely, worth a visit, the nature and history on offer in Santa Teresa National Park will live long in the memory.


Top Places to Visit in Uruguay - Carmelo Uruguay

Located near the place where Rio de la Plata and Rio Uruguay merge, Carmelo is an increasingly popular tourist destination due to the beautiful old buildings and cobblestone streets that make up much of the city. The waterfront is gorgeous and from here you can take a boat trip to the magical Parana Delta to explore. There are also various interesting activities to do such as fishing, yachting, and other water sports. With some beautiful beaches, wineries in the surrounding countryside, and a casino to boot; Carmelo has a lot to offer visitors.

Top Places to Visit in Uruguay : La Paloma

La Paloma

The nextt Top Places to Visit in Uruguay is La Paloma. A small town, La Paloma sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is a popular summer beach resort among South Americans and Uruguayans, who flock here to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. With spectacular beaches, this laid-back city is great to visit and there are plenty of fun water sports for you to try such as surfing, sailing, and windsurfing. One of the best beaches for sunbathing is Anaconda Beach, where you can watch the sunset over the ocean. Perfect for those looking to relax, La Paloma’s secluded location makes it ideal for a quiet and peaceful holiday by the beach.

Top Places to Visit in Uruguay : Piriapolis


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With a very Mediterranean feel, the beautiful beaches of Piriapolis are great for relaxing and strolling while enjoying the views of the sun and river. One of the most popular beach resort towns in the country, it was actually created for that reason and also has a number of great hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, and shops, especially as you get closer to the coastline. While the waterfront Rambla is the most popular spot in town, the delightful Pira’s Castle is well worth the visit, and the Hotel Colon is simply stunning to look at. With beautiful beach views offered in the light, Piriapolis is the perfect place to relax after a busy sightseeing trip.


Salto - Top Places to Visit in Uruguay

The next Top Places to Visit in Uruguay is Salto. The second-largest city in Uruguay, many people stop here on their way to Argentina. A city is definitely a beautiful place as it is visited by the magnificent Rio Uruguay. There are many picturesque riversides walks for visitors to enjoy, and lush boulevards and plazas combine with beautiful architecture to make Salto a relaxing and interesting city to visit. In addition, there are also hot springs at Dayman for you to relax.

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